Swift and Stunning: The Fastest Growing Evergreens

Evergreens are the steadfast sentinels of the garden, providing year-round color and structure. While many of them are known for their slow and steady growth, some evergreens are anything but sluggish. These rapid risers can quickly transform your landscape, offering privacy, shade, and a touch of elegance. Here's a glimpse into the world of fast-growing evergreens. 


Full Speed A Hedge® American Pillar (Thuja occidentalis): This conifer is an outstanding choice for those seeking a fast-growing and robust evergreen shrub. With an impressive yearly growth rate of over 3 feet per year, it quickly reaches a mature height of 20-30 feet, making it an ideal candidate for creating privacy screens, windbreaks, or tall hedges. Its slender, upright growth habit and lush green foliage make Full Speed A Hedge® American Pillar a versatile and attractive addition to your landscape, while its rapid development ensures your garden will flourish in no time. 


Norway Spruce (Picea abies): The Norway Spruce is a magnificent evergreen tree known for its stately appearance and impressive size. This towering conifer can reach a substantial height of up to 80 feet at maturity, creating a striking focal point in any landscape. With an average annual growth rate of over 2 feet per year, the Norway Spruce demonstrates steady development, and when properly cared for, it can establish a lush, dense canopy that provides ample shade and adds a touch of elegance to your garden. 


Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus): Native to eastern North America, the Eastern White Pine is a picturesque evergreen that can grow at an impressive pace. With an annual growth rate of 2 to 3 feet and a mature height of 80 feet, it's ideal for creating a dense, lush screen or for adding a touch of wilderness to your garden. 


Arborvitae 'Green Giant' (Thuja standishii x plicata): The Arborvitae Green is a fast-growing evergreen tree that's highly prized for its impressive size and rapid development. This hardy tree can reach towering heights of up to 50-70 feet at maturity, making it an ideal choice for creating privacy screens, windbreaks, or adding a touch of lush greenery to your landscape. With an astonishing growth rate of 2-3 feet or more per year under optimal conditions, the Arborvitae Green Giant lives up to its name, providing quick results and a beautiful, vibrant addition to your garden. 


The White Spruce (Picea glauca): A majestic evergreen tree known for its impressive size and stately appearance. At maturity, it typically reaches heights of 50 to 70 feet, making it a substantial presence in any landscape. With a moderate to fast growth rate, the White Spruce can add more than 2 feet in height each year. Its pyramid-shaped canopy of vibrant green needles and rugged, cold-hardy nature make it an excellent choice for windbreaks, privacy screens, and as a focal point in larger yards or parks.  

While these evergreens are known for their rapid growth, it's important to remember that they will still require proper care and maintenance to reach their full potential. Regular watering, pruning, and attention to soil quality will ensure that these fast-growing beauties become the verdant stars of your garden in no time.