Order taking for Spring 2024 plant deliveries has now concluded | Non-plant orders taken all year | Spring 2025 ordering begins in October 2024!

Carefully Packaged

At Arborista, we understand the importance of ensuring that the beautiful plants at our nursery arrive at your home or business just as stunning as they were in our care. Our commitment to top-notch packaging and shipping methods is unwavering. Here's how it works: 


Careful Curation: Every plant is carefully selected to match your order, and our Arborista team conducts a thorough quality check to guarantee that only the finest plants are delivered. Quart and Premium Quart tree or shrub pots are placed in individual boxes, protecting the pot, and retaining the soil during transit. 

Protective Packaging: Next, these plant and inner pot boxes are securely housed in robust corrugated shipping containers, held in place by a specially designed tray that ensures the plants remain secure. We've developed a distinctive packaging system in collaboration with a Wisconsin-based packaging engineering and manufacturing company. Our packaging system is thoughtfully structured, with layers accommodating up to six plants each, and our largest box can accommodate a maximum of 24 pots. 

Secure Shipping: Once packed, the boxes are meticulously sealed and labeled for shipment. For small package shipments, we entrust UPS with the delivery to ensure careful handling and minimize transit time. Larger orders, which are more efficiently transported by freight carriers, are arranged through our reliable trucking partners. 

Eco-Friendly: We are also environmentally conscious, and the plastic and cardboard boxes used for your plants are entirely recyclable. Our packaging system is meticulously designed to protect your plants during transit, providing you with a worry-free online ordering experience while keeping sustainability in mind. We want your Arborista experience to be as memorable as the beautiful plants you'll receive.