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Pinus strobus

Pine - White

The Eastern White Pine is a fast growing evergreen that is hardy and adaptable to many soil types. The needles are clustered, soft and blue-green in color which give this conifer a somewhat wispy look. Its buds are sticky and aromatic, and the tree gives off a very pleasant scent, especially after it rains. The bark on the Eastern White Pine is smooth and silvery when young but matures to a dark grayish brown with broad ridges and deep furrows as the tree ages. This selection is very popular in the home landscape, but is also regularly used by forestry companies for reforestation and other planting projects.

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Key Plant Details


Planting Zones:

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Soil Type:

Clay, Sandy, Loamy


Light Requirement:

Part Shade, Part Sun, Sun



Average, Dry, Wet

Plant Characteristics


Mature Size:

30-40 foot spread, 70-80 feet in height


Annual Growth Rate:






Shop By Use:

Christmas Tree, Windbreak Selection, Winter Interest

Care Tips

Care Tips - Growing:

Limbs can be susceptible to breakage in heavy snow and ice – plant at a safe distance from houses and structures. Intolerant of air pollutants, salt spray from roads, and becoming chlorotic in heavy, clay soils, Not an ideal choice for urban conditions.

Care Tips - Pruning:

If desired for a hedge, the new growth will have to be pruned in the candle stage in April to keep the hedge contained and increase foliage density.

Care Tips - Soil:

Prefers well-drained soil. Can become chlorotic in alkaline soils

Care Tips - Uses:

Windbreak when planted in rows. Hedging with faithful annual pruning in the candle stage. Mass plantings, Erosion control and stabilization. Timber species.

Zone Map

This plant will grow in these zones