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Hydrangea paniculata x 'SMNHPK'

Hydrangea - Fire Light Tidbit®

Fire Light Tidbit® is a dwarf hydrangea with a low, mounded habit and lots of color action. As a late season bloomer, flowers emerge bright lime green, turning white, followed by hues of dragon fruit pink. The lovely progression of color is unaffected by soil pH level. Panicle hydrangeas are the most sun tolerant of the hydrangeas. Strong, sturdy stems - plant this mophead in the front of your border, or as a specimen, in containers or in mass plantings. Enjoy cut blooms in your home. An added attraction is the orange-red autumn foliage.

Our plants come with extra large and fibrous root systems, ready to plant and flourish!

Key Plant Details


Planting Zones:

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Soil Type:

Clay, Sandy, Loamy


Light Requirement:

Shade, Part Shade, Part Sun, Sun




Plant Characteristics


Mature Size:

2-3 feet in height, 2-3 foot spread


Annual Growth Rate:



Flower Color:

Pink, White, Green


Bloom Time:



Shop By Use:

Fall Color

Care Tips

Care Tips - Growing:

Panicle hydrangeas are the most sun tolerant hydrangeas and are also resistant to wilting. In cooler climates, full sun is recommended for best stem strength and flower set. Flower color is unaffected by soil chemistry. If flowers turn brown and dry instead of aging to pink or red, this indicates that the plant needs more water or that nighttime temperatures are too high.

Care Tips - Pruning:

In late winter or early spring, cut back by about one-third its total height, just above a set of large buds. This ensures that the growth for the season will come vigorous buds lower on the plant and also serves to remove any remaining dried blooms. Alternatively, cut back in autumn once the plant has gone completely dormant.

Care Tips - Soil:

Adaptable to most any soil except very wet or excessively alkaline soils.

Care Tips - Uses:

Specimen; mixed borders; mass plantings. Makes a good hedge or screen. Excellent for cut flowers, both fresh and dried.

Zone Map

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