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Abies concolor

Fir - Concolor

The Concolor Fir has been steadily gaining popularity as a Christmas tree. This conifer exhibits a blue-green color, with longer needles than most other Fir trees. The needles remain on the tree long after cutting. Pleasantly scented, described as citrus or orange-like. Able to tolerate both the cold and the heat, this tree will grow in southern regions where some others will not.

Sometimes known as the White Fir, this evergreen is widely used in the home landscape. Generally disease and pest resistant, this Fir tree is a good alternative to other evergreens such as Colorado Blue Spruce, White Spruce and Black Hills Spruce.

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Key Plant Details


Planting Zones:

3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Soil Type:

Clay, Sandy, Loamy


Light Requirement:

Part Shade, Part Sun, Sun




Plant Characteristics


Mature Size:

20-30 foot spread, 40-50 feet in height


Annual Growth Rate:






Shop By Use:

Christmas Tree, Privacy Screen, Windbreak Selection, Winter Interest

Care Tips

Care Tips - Growing:

Maintaining a mulch ring at the base. Once established, water only when there has been extensive drought, and water sparingly. Susceptible to ozone pollution – do not site the tree near roadways

Care Tips - Pruning:

White Fir is beautiful when left alone, no shearing required. If you desire to raise the canopy, prune only during the winter months.

Care Tips - Soil:

Requires well-drained soil, sensitive to excess moisture

Care Tips - Uses:

Specimen, screening

Zone Map

This plant will grow in these zones