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Potted Trees for Sale


When it's time to find potted trees for sale online, start your search at PottedTrees.com. Our wide selection of potted trees includes hardy evergreens, potted deciduous bushes, evergreen shrubs and so much more. With over four decades of experience selling trees for climates around the country, we've earned a reputation for shipping only the highest quality potted trees to your door, ready to be planted.

Before you make your purchase, it's important to know what type of tree will grow best in your region and how to plant a potted tree to keep it thriving for many years to come. You can find the best tree options for your area by following our Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

Planting Potted Trees


From potted Deciduous to Evergreens and Pine trees for sale, we have the largest selection of potted trees online. Our plant nurseries specialize in selling trees ready for transport and transplanting. We specialize in a variety of potted trees from arborvitae to spruce, pine, fir, birch, dogwood, nine-bark & much more!

We raise our trees ready to be planted and it's up to you to ensure a long life. Understanding how to transplant from pot to the ground is an important step to a flourishing tree.


  1. Dig a hole roughly 8" round and 5" deep.  Remove the plant from the pot, and place it into the ground so the soil level of the root mass is level with the ground surrounding the planting hole.
  2. Fill the hole approximately halfway up using some of the loose soil that was generated from digging.  Fill the remaining space with water.
  3. Once the water has settled, fill the rest of the hole with loose soil. Finish the process by gently firming the soil around the newly planted tree.

Check out our Planting Guide for the full planting process.

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