Order taking for Spring 2024 plant deliveries has now concluded | Non-plant orders taken all year | Spring 2025 ordering begins in October 2024!

Planting Guide

Timely planting, proper planting technique and proper follow up care is critical to your new plant's long term survival.


What to do upon delivery
  • When your order of plants is delivered, it is important that you open the box and inspect the contents.  The potted plants should be carefully removed from their packaging, placed in a shady place, and watered thoroughly.  In the event there is any damage from shipping, or discrepencies with your order, it must be reported within 24 hours to be covered by Our Guarantee.


 Planting Instructions
  • Dig the hole approximately 8" round and 5" deep.  Remove the plant from the pot, and place it into the ground so the soil level of the root mass is level with the ground surrounding the planting hole. 
  • Fill the hole approximately half way up using some of the loose soil that was generated from digging.  The remaining space in the hole should be filled with water and allowed to settle.
  • After the water has settled, complete the planting by filling the rest of the hole with loose soil, and gently firming the soil around the newly planted tree or shrub.
  • Mulch your tree or shrub with shredded bark or wood chips.  A 12" round circle of mulch around the base of the plant that is 2-3" deep will be adequate.  This will help hold moisture and moderate the temperature around the root zone.


After Planting
  • Conscientious care for your plants will set the stage for their lifetime.  Supplemental watering is your most important duty to help the tree or shrub establish. 
  • When rainfall is less than 1" in a week, thoroughly soak the ground immediately surrounding each plant with about 1 gallon of water.  One deep watering per week is more beneficial than a shallow watering every couple of days.  During periods of extreme heat or drought, supplemental watering should be done every 3 to 4 days. 
  • Keep competing vegetation from growing around your plant.  Grasses and weeds surrounding a new tree or shrub steal away valuable light, moisture and nutrients.  Mulch will also aid in reducing competitive vegetation.
  • If you are concerned with animals such as deer or rabbits disturbing or browing your new plants, consider the use of our Plant Saver animal repellent.  Alternatively, you may erect a physical barrier around the plant such as wire fencing.