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Home Landscaping

Discover just how easy it is to bring your yard to life with backyard landscaping ideas from focal point shrubPottedTrees.com. We carry a large variety of landscaping potted trees, shrubs & bushes that require minimal effort for maximum results.

Consider your dream landscaped yard. Vibrant evergreen shrubs act as a focal point. The lush specimens draw your attention to beautiful, yet low maintenance flowering shrubs such as weigela, hydrangea, spirea and rose Potted flowering plants add long-lasting color to the entryway. Kodiak Red Diervilla, Sweetspire Scentlandia, and Let’s Dance Blue Jangles Hydrangea attract a variety of birds, butterflies and pollinators to your yard.

Landscaping Shrubs & Bushes

Potted shrubs are the perfect fit for any home landscaping design. Some of the best bushes for landscaping include roses, hydrangea, hibiscus, dogwood and arborvitae.

Large evergreen trees like Concolor Fir, Pinpoint Blue False Cypress, or Korean Fir are a great way to accentuate bigger yards while still providing plenty of room for additional shrubs and flowering plants. Alternatively,   smaller shrubs such as Tiny   Wine Ninebark or Spirea Glow Girl, add diversity to small courtyards and entryways without feeling crowded.


Many people are also switching from traditional perennial to low maintenance landscaping shrubs and bushes when designing their natural borders. Landscaping evergreen shrubs like Tortuga Juniper, Celtic Pride Microbiota, or Green Velvet Boxwood offer healthy foliage for year-round interest while potted hydrangeas bring welcoming blooms year after year. Interested in turning your beautiful bushes into sheared hedges? Check out our potted Boxwood and Holly options!

potted shrubs


When landscaping your front yard, consider using smaller shrubs like Anna’s Magic Ball Arborvitae or Invincibelle Wee White Hydrangea and Snippet Dark Pink Weigela that provide several months of bloom for you to enjoy. 



potted rose bushes

Adding rose bushes to your landscaping is a great way to bring springtime color. You might choose any lovely Hydrangea, Unforgettable Fire Burning Bush or Legend of the Small Bottlebrush for a vibrant fall landscape too!

Want to attract more birds to your yard? Include berry bushes like Holly, Dogwood or Winterberry, that produce beautiful berries and provide a safe resting place for birds.


Whatever your backyard and front yard landscaping needs may be, we are here to help bring your home landscaping ideas to life. Every order is shipped directly to your door. With proper planting and care, you can have a beautiful yard for many years to come!

Want help orchestrating the perfect front and back yard landscape? Contact our knowledgeable staff today!